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Miss B

Miss B was a stray, feral dog found in Accomack County, Virginia. She has come a long way over the years; however, continues to exhibit characteristics of a semi-feral dog. This adorable little girl has fallen in love with the dogs at rescue headquarters & does exceptionally well with her buddy, Oscar.  She is not a typical adoptable dog. For this reason, she will stay with us for her lifetime. 


What does it mean to sponsor a dog?
Sponsoring a dog is a great way to help dogs lucky enough to be in a foster home.   Even though you're not adopting, you still receive the joy of knowing you helped provide care for the animal(s) you choose to sponsor.

Sponsoring allows you to make a tax-deductible donation, which helps to cover medical costs and on-going expenses of caring for the pet.   You can make a one-time contribution or establish reoccurring donations that will help throughout the year – whichever suits you!

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